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Syracuse: the sleeping Beauty

Photos by Francesco Mule`Syracuse: the Sleeping Beauty  by F. Guzzardi

With an unemployment rate of 50%  Syracuse is the symbol of  a beautiful Sicily devastated from  the wild industrialization practiced in the late sixties. A shy entrepreneurship lacking in resources, puts thelabor market     tight on the endless promises of politicians unscrupulous. The natural inclination of the Sicilians to wait for aid from the central government, makes the economy  poor of initiatives to generate jobs. Yet it would take very little to trigger a revival that should be primarily a tourist destination. The natural position: lying on the Mediterranean, a meeting point between cultures Arabic-Greek, Baroque architecture of rare beauty, mild and sunny climate for eight months a year's. Farm activities'   could provide much more if  favored by a policy of reducing the costs of export (if you think that we rarely get to see Sicilian oranges or lemons beyond the borders of the countr…