Monday, June 3, 2013

Grillo and the craft of comic


by F Guzzardi

 The last Grillo saw on television, railed against all journalists "servants of power" and promised revenge against all.The personage begins to be a parody of himself, the same way as  Berlusconi & company.Sold out the popular emotion  for its "web-revolution", let us supplied with a set of pseudo political and senators with a clear inability to any proposal.Though  it was pretty obvious: Criticizing and shouting slogans against all goes well if this makes improvement, Even  myself have greatly appreciated the Grillo of the first hour, one that criticized the system, remaining aloof with the strength and the foresight  of who is out of the fray. Why does later, when you are inside it is difficult to look with objectivity `, this is true in politics and in every other sector of society. Grillo had to hear it from an expert communicator who is, was able to keep the detached dialectic of who is watching, it would have been far more useful to the country, but now only has to find a way to get out with the least damage (image) can .
The slogan: "Tutti a casa" is turned against him, as a twist of fate, So as it did for "La lega nord", victims of their own ideals, even Mr Grillo falls inexorably in the return wave of his movimente. I feel sorry for the man, who undoubtedly expresses the thoughts that are common to many of us, and would have deserved more attention from the parties of the left. It consuls Grillo, thinking that before him another famous comedian from beyond the Alps "Coluche" had threatened to be elected president of France after a campaign started as a joke and  a little bit to protest against the system. Luckily (the French) that did not happen, and fortunately for the Italians also Grillo's return (them) at home, I hope mindful of when is successful and aware of the difficulties related to exercise parliamentary, that it is not an easy profession and that certain salaries bandied about by all as a bit shameful, they are a fair remuneration for those who should govern the country and then defend and manage our interests around the world. The salaries are not excessive if you relate to the money they earn many general managers in large corporations, the only difference is that the latter can be fired if they not reach the goals set, while the former are forced to keep them there until the next legislature . And then. Grillo meditate on what would have been if the movement was developed calmly and without the arrogance of those who believe innocent and blameless, if it had taken steps to become the critical conscience of the country, developing issues and solutions especially for the sake of nation, if he had selected his staff with criteria more professional, if he accepted the dialogue with his critics and journalists "servants of power" if he had realized to embody the hopes of thousands of people who believed in all his words. Meditate on the responsibility that is unwittingly taken against the Italian embodying the most popular thoughts, meditate and tell us at the earliest, if it has stopped doing the job of the comic or if are just beginning.

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