Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If I were God

by F Guzzardi

Today strangely and without any of particular celebration (maybe for the sultry heat of New York), I is reminded of an old song by Giorgio Gaber. I just want to share it with the most young people, that you may not remember or were not born yet. I entrust it without any particular comment because `it is one of those texts that we reconcile with art and a glimpse of a glimmer of light in the middle of  these years almost completely devoid of any 
 subversive, intellectual activity.

Giorgio Gaber (from If I were God, 1980)

If I were God (And I might be so, otherwise I do not see who!)
If I were God,I would scrub the crafty ways of the people:
I would not be not an amateur!I would be ever present.
I would be really everywhere to spy , even better, to criticize, in fact ...what people do.
For example, the petty bourgeois how boring!Never commits major sins!It's never intensely sinful!
Moreover, poor fellow, is too miserable and petty and, knowing that God is more accurate than a Sweda,he thinks that the error is not the little one accounts or do not see it.
For this if I were God I would prefer the past century,if I were God I would regret the ancient fury,where you hated him, and then he loved,and killed the enemy!
But I'm not yet in the kingdom of heaven,are too caught up in your debacles.
If I were God,I would not be so fool to believe only to the beats of the heart or just the stills of reason.
If I were God,I would certainly be very full and very detached as you should be you!If I were God,I would not have to saving : 
I would have done a better man.Yes Oh well ', I admit I came so well,and that is why, to preach the right,I occasionally send someone down,but then people like to interpret and even more mess!If I were God,I would not have made mistakes of my son on love and charity
I would have explained a little 'better!In fact, it's not normal that a mere mortal for bullshit like compassion and hunger in India,which has so much love to reserves that even if the dream!
That is to say:"But how can he be so after carrion?
"If I were God I would not be reduced as you and if I was sure I would die for something important!
Unfortunately, the chance of dying nicely not always happen and even the most extreme adventurer dies where it can happen and not so convinced.If I were God I would do what I want,I would not be certain permissive
beating my son,I'd be stern and just,cursing  the British as I was asked,and if I could also Africa and Asia and then the Americans and the Russians;
I beating militancy as mescalin and could slap the Voltaire disciples  , thieves, fools and bigots:
because God is violent!
And the blows of God stick to the wall all!
But I'm not yet in the kingdom of heaven,are too caught up in your debacles ..
So far we joked,but it turns out that one sooner or later we seize taste and, under the guise of God,brings out everything that seems right.And you, girl, you tell me that is not true,that the middle class is just a little 'jerk,that man is just a thug, a scoundrel,a pig in every sense, a rogue and has also attempted to rape his daughter ...
I invented as God, as God fictitious,I take courage and I shoot my judgment and I say, "Let's hope your father get shot in the ass dear daughter! "so for newspapers becomes a good family man.If I were God,I cursing  really journalists and especially ... everyone.
They certainly are not good people and where seize, seize always good.Fellow journalists, you have too much thirst and do not know to take advantage of the freedoms that you have:you still have the freedom to think,but what you do not and in exchange you claim the freedom to write,and photograph images ingenious and interesting,Presidents of solidarity and weeping mothers.
And in this Italian full of  dismays you are brave, you who throw with out trembling a moment!
Cannibals, necrophiliacs, De Amicis and cunning,and one would just pleased!
You will throw the human disaster with the taste of the tear in the foreground!Yes Oh well ', I admit it:the disappearance of the paper and printing perhaps it would be a folly ...but 
if I were God the face of such deficiency I would not have the superstition of democracy!
But I am not yet the kingdom of heaven,are too caught up in your debacles ...
If I were God of course I would close my mouth to so many people:the kingdom of heaven do not want ministers and party people between the balls,because politics is lousy and is bad for your skin!And everyone who gets this game,then that is a play of forces, repulsive and contagious such as leprosy and typhoid ...
And everyone who gets this game Who have some faces that see them suck,they are greasy Democrats or gray companions of Picci. They were born just ugly or, at least, also end.
If I were God,from the top of my throne I would see that politics is a profession like any other and I would say, I think Plato,that the political philosopher is always less and increasingly jerk;is an all-round man that never slips look inside the world,that slides on the words even when it seems ... or does not want it.
Companion radical(The word "comrade" do not know who gave it to you,but basically you're okay,so now is disqualified)radical comrade,rider of each tiger, smart man  you move just fine in this mess and while on the one hand you shoot a bit 'random and on the other they fill the jails of people who do not do with a cock ...
Radical comrade,well you take care of civil rights and idiocy that makes democracy and prepare ourselves well another referendum this time to know here do the dogs have to pee!Socialist comrades,but yes you too, insinuating, smart and round!Socialist comrades,with your carefree alliances Right, left, center,updated with your men,new and old out of there! ...Socialist comrades, come forward that this is the year of the red carnation and only rising!Step forward with the myth of progress and with your crappy ambiguity!Give thanks to the rampant stupidity!
But I'm not yet in the kingdom of heaven,are too caught up in your debacles ...
If I were God,I would not own more patience,invent a new moral and would sound the trumpets for the Last Judgement!You will say: "Why is it so partial my personal Judgement?Why not play my trumpets for the bombings, kidnappings, young drug addicts and bombs? ".Why not appeared yet the other side of the coin.I like God, is not that I do not want.I like God, I do not say that they are certain non-judgment 
or even, as he says those who are afraid, the unmentionable!But as a man, as I am, and I was,I spoke to us, mere mortals:those others do not understand them, I fear,I do not look the same.Them I can only say that the masses were able to obtain pity the fool to the policeman.Them I can only say I have taken away the taste to be pissed off personally.I as a man I can only say what I feel,that is, only the image of the great loss.
But if I were God I would also be invulnerable and perfect,then you would not be afraid at all,so I could scream, shout and without restraint which is a piece of crap,that the "Brigate Rosse" militants have come straight to the madness!That's the difference between us and "the unspeakable"I can talk to us because they know who we are and perhaps do more crap that fear.But the face of terrorism or those who are killed there is only dismay.But if I were God,I would not be fooled by this shock and in relation to political I  would be as severe as in the beginning,because God the martyrs they did not ever change his judgment.And if my God that is still too passionate,makes him rage shooter,the anger is also that a politician whatever
if he shot a RB,becomes the only statesman!If I were God,the God whose I need like a mirage,
I still have the courage to keep on saying"Aldo Moro along with all the Christian  democracy is responsible for more than thirty years of Italian gangrene.
"If I were God,a God unconscious enormously wise,I would even dare to go straight to jail,but I would say that Aldo Moro remains that face that was!But in the end all this is stupid because, logically ...if I were God,I would rather see the earth from a distance and perhaps would not make it to get heated  in this battle daily.
If I were God,I do not interested of hatred or revenge, nor of forgiveness because the distance is the only revenge is the only forgiveness!And then it turns out that if I were God,I would withdraw in the country ideas I did ...

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