Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Resignation of Calderoli

"Today I received this email from some friends,via change.org.If you share the moral and civic values ​​of this petition, please sign it, it costs nothing and the relief that comes is miraculous. We do not need people  of this caliber are part of our government  in the most important positions  of institutions."

 Hello Fabrizio,
Following the racist statements referring to the Minister Kyenge, ask the President Grasso to dismiss  Calderoli from the post of Vice President of the Senate.
Sign the petition
The statements of the minister Calderoli against Kyenge ("seems an orangutan") is the indicator of a sub racist culture for too long accepted or declassified to "verbal excesses."

In his words, as always, shines through hatred of the minister Kyenge, which has the double mistake of being a woman and not have white skin.

We have already managed to get away from the European Parliament Borghezio, star of similar businesses racist, with victorious petition supported by 130 thousand people.

The European Parliament has reprimanded the words racist of Borghezio, who was shown the door by its group.  

There is no reason why Italy does not do the same.

This spiral of racism must be cut short. We ask  President  of Senate Grasso  that : already at the next sitting of the Senate, notice the request to dismiss this gentleman, at least from the post of vice-president and boycott the sessions which he presided.

Thank you,

Stefano Corradino and Beppe Giulietti via Change.org 

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