Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Berlusconi and Duties of Citizens

"Feel to Duty even More in Politics"

by F Guzzardi 

I do not like to talk about B. because `I feeling to rage on a" product "already used and abused by all the media and rightly so. The personage does not do anything to go unnoticed, even after the judgment Mediaset that saw him convicted of tax evasion, the army of his fans has sparked demonstrations and marches to ask that he be amnestied. One of his most loyal followers (Biondi) voiced phrases like: "Without him, this country risks a civil war." During one of the rallies organized by his followers, our B. has put at stake the word "duty" to announce that its political commitment will continue with greater force than before.

And then I would like to launch a call to that part of the Italian people who feels "duty" to live in a country free from Mr. Berlusconi and his team. Why can not you throw a petition to prevent this man from hurting themselves and  the Italian people? Why does the television and the media in general (I am referring to those few who are not in the hands of him) do not ignore his faithful followers?

Of course mine is a provocation, we know that newspapers thrive on these characters and then the freedom of the press ..... But let us return for a moment to the question of "duty", if the duty of Mr. Berlusconi is that to engage more in politics, what was `the duty of Italians who do not want to use of his commitment?The right-wing parties allied to B. know very well that without him would be condemned to marginal roles but the reasons of the high number of votes that can put together and is very sopprendente view the paucity policy that expresses, not to underestimate the ability to prospecting dream  events impossible to realized,  and the masses needs to dream, also to keep in mind some data very important in my  opinion,  the electoral strategies of B.:Milan AS 5,818,000 fans in Italy most all employees of his companies (no need to count them but there are so many ....) and if you add a piece of housewives and retirement people  passing their days in front of the Mediaset televisions, some hundred fans really convinced of its ability policies, we understand how the Italian right (extremely mediocre like the left) support him in his ravings, knowing they have no chance without him.

The duty of the Italians is then to stop this media machine of nowhere and correct choices with civil and peaceful, this anomaly of Italian politics, rejecting in the dark as deep (where they have always been) the fascist and separatists parties who feed on this anomaly, it is the duty of the Italian work even more in the political affairs of the country, defending it from people completely out of time and completely out of place.

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