Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hermeneutic the New Book of F Guzzardi

"At all times, in all ages,
  man felt the need for a higher power.
  Spirits, sorcerers, multiple Gods or unique. Why?

F Guzzardi

Gods `there have been and there are still many. The man  intelligent and with a highly developed ability to reason. But it has one big problem: One part of his reason, is not accessible, this part is what psychoanalysts call "unconscious." The unconscious is not available but is in him, it hangs permanently in his life, in his dreams, intuitions, in his memories. How to access the unconscious part of the reason? This is one of the great human questions and many men have spent their lives and their energies. For that psychoanalysis was born, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Zen philosophy, LSD and many other things ...

But if the cavemen had the same problem that we all have, they were far, from being able to express it yet, this unconscious part of their reason Adding to the ignorance of the time, nature and its phenomena, quickly created a cause of illness, a need that today we would call "existential evil." What did they do? They asked the afterlife, to the higher powers, and tried to draw or sculpt. Thus were born the first religions ... You can see why these gods were similar: They were the same kind of brain to solve the same problem. And the problem has been solved: The discomfort of consciousness is been avoided with the appearance of higher powers and supreme being.

The desire of man's dominion over the years, centuries and millennium, has driven  the religions to rationalized and organized for one purpose: to enslave. The Catholic, Muslim, Protestant, Buddhist ... have developed their own hierarchies, created books and theories in use of poor fools: a code of conduct and a life expectancy in the afterlife, two essential conditions for which the masses are willing to not ask too many questions. Thousands of people have died for this theory, the system has invaded the whole Earth: The biggest disaster in the history of mankind.

Later came the science and all the problems it posed to these hierarchies. The science and `was contained, delayed as much as possible, to maintain an economic power that would guarantee the existence of these religions.

And today? Many people do not realize that all these organizations are far from their original purpose, which was to "prevent the ills of life."
Some sects have created new organizations, but often, and unfortunately,
recovered from old systems, greedy and illegal.

However, the relative failure of capitalism, global economic crises and the collapse of communism have awakened instinct of human religion. We are witnessing a growth of fundamentalism, with the shedding of blood that always followed him. This is true for the Islam, but also for the Christians.

All religious groups have an interest to apply a protocol for encrypted fight against this deviation, because their power does not crumble into many sub-trends that can somehow fight them. The dogmas must be carefully defined and precisely in a written reference (Bible, Koran), which will become the official source and immaterial. If religion is powerful enough to take political power (as is was in the West with Christianity), the most effective method is to ban the teaching of writing, grammar and science. Religion can, in some cases, as in totalitarian states to rewrite history and change its official reference for improving adapt and destroy all traces of previous versions in order to continue to provide the reference as intangible.

This is what Christians have done in the West, "clearing the library for nearly 2000 years and banning people with the skills and knowledge from the ancient Greeks to plunge the West into a deep dark for more than a thousand years.
This also explains why religions continue to support dictatorships and regimes totalitar edi have always struggled against democracy (the Christian religion until a little over a hundred years ago and the Muslims today).

A further expansion of religions are earthquakes or wars, because `cast doubt on the existence of a superior mind: after the carnage of World War II, most did not believe in religion and the 'Europe began to fall in the arms of atheistic communism (which adopted the same proven techniques by religions to control the USSR
developing its own "inquisition").

Today, in the West, the official religions are struggling more and more to contain his excitement spiritual and religious, which is fading but it seems that you tend to crumble: is anyone tinkered with his own religion, he takes refuge in his corner, with the his guru and his small group.
All these spills from the branch officer concerned the church, which is shared between the temptation of rigor to force the flock to return to the right path, and "tolerance" to lose less faithful as possible to the regulatory distortions. For example, to satisfy the desires popular, there have never been more new saints of the Catholic Church in recent years. Even canonize people who had been defamed just before: as Padre Pio or in other parts of the world people that have never existed, like Juan Diego in South America .....

by F Guzzardi (Author) , Edizioni la Fenice    

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