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The Dr. Oz Show Gets It Wrong About Low Calorie Sweeteners

ATLANTA,Sept. 27, 2013/PRNewswire/ --Today's segment of The Dr. Oz Show claiming low calorie sweeteners cause weight gain was not based on scientific facts and made gross exaggerations when depicting average consumer use of sweeteners, according to the Calorie Control Council, whose members include manufacturers and end users of low and reduced calorie sweeteners and other ingredients. Registered dietitian and nutrition expertRobyn Flipsehad this to say when interviewed by The Skinny on Low Cal, Calorie Control Council's blog."What I have seen in my 35 years of clinical practice is that low calorie sweetenersdohelp people control their weight when they are used along with a balanced diet and regular exercise. But, low calorie sweeteners are only one tool – And unfortunately, not all consumers of diet drinks and low calorie sweeteners are living a healthy lifestyle." "Dr. Oz likely was referring to the latest flawed opinion piece to make headlines, rather than focu…

Manipulators of crowds

By F Guzzardi

To understand howsome peoplein recent historyhave been able tomanipulatethe crowds, it isinteresting to readGustavLe Bonand his "Psychologyof crowds".Hitler, Lenin,Mussoliniand even somecurrent political and religious  were inspired byhis theories.
GUSTAVLE BON(1841-1931),ethnologistand psychologist(he was oneof the founders of"Social Psychology")was born in Francein Nogent-LeRetrou, was the firstpsychologistto scientifically studythebehavior of crowds, trying toidentifythe particular characteristicsand proposingappropriate techniquesto guideandcontrol them.For this reasonhis workswere readandcarefullystudied by thetotalitarian dictatorsof the twentieth century,whichwere basedtheir poweron the ability tocontrol and manipulatethe masses.
In fact, the writings ofLe Bon- particularlyPsychology ofCrowds, publishedin 1895werea veritablegold mine forthose who wanted tounderstand the behaviorof the mass, the newentity thatoverlooked thepolitical scenein the la…

The origins of Antisemitism

 By F Guzzardi
Contrary to what many people think , antisemitism does not begin with Hitler's Nazi Germany - but has its origins many centuries earlier. In the history of German antisemitism has found its most violent form and horrifying deeds - but in reality Hitler had not invented anything new. The Jew is being persecuted people in previous centuries and this for various reasons that we will try to understand it better.
The Jews are the ones who crucified Jesus ! The first  Jewish persecution born by Christians .For many centuries Christians have spread this demagoguery to justify the persecution of a competitor religious - the Jewish communities had spread throughout Europe this is a problem for Christians who demanded the religious and political power . Their refusal to be Christians , it was a DE-legitimization of the validity of the faith Cristian.The idea of ​​" collective guilt " of the Jews for the death of Jesus was practically a death sentence for te…

The Metaphor of the Roman Empire

by F Guzzardi
"The twogreatest problemsof history,"statedJ.Reid in thefirst volume of theCambridge MedievalHistory"are how to makereasonof the rise ofRome andof its decline."
The declineof Western countries(EuropeandUSA)is strangely reminiscent ofthe fall of thelargestempire theworld has seenRome.
The economyis movingin other directionsand this is nota matter of chance, Ina world that movesto anotherspeedsthan that of theRomans, centuries employed byRome toabdicate,are comparable todecades oftoday-reading the'historical analysisof the Roman Empire, there is a great similaritywith the problems thatis facingthe West.
We now liveinWestern countries, much the same waythey lived inthe ancientRomans,we can beowners, obey the lawspromulgatedby the State,we take ourwealthfrom trade andexchanges.In the Middle Ages, roughlyfrom the fifth tothe fifteenth century, things were different;duringfeudalism(IX-XII century),it may be saidthatthey wentin reverse order: theindividual p…


F Guzzardi

There was a house with a child who was playing a piano, a woman listened to him then people then kings and queens. In Europe There was the times of past Renaissance and the Baroque music, songs and liturgies, intense atmospheres, areas dampened by bronchitis incurable, by envy and arrogance, and pain that turns into art, and art in pain, until the unspeakable. The Europe cries and falls in love, he kneels and applauds, when in an anonymous Austrian house, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart leaves this world.

Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musician capable of playing multiple instruments who started playing in public at the age of 6. Over the years, Mozart aligned himself with a variety of European venues and patrons, composing hundreds of works that included sonatas, symphonies, masses, concertos and operas, marked by vivid emotion and sophisticated textures.

Central Europe in the mid-18th century was going through a period…

Global Crisis

By F Guzzardi
The best way to explain the global crisis that shakes the world? Just look at the toys stores where .. 80% of the products are of Asian origin. The labor cost significantly more lowest of any western country, pushes companies around the world, to transfer the business in these countries. The economic power shifts eastward and nothing may stop the process.
The paradox is that, a structure of type communist react better to this problem, if the companies were run by government (as in the communist regimes) the problem would be easily resolved.
So we're paradoxical Democrat, who abdicated in favor of former communist regimes, which apply the liberal commercial system?
The democracy that becomes a victim of herself, demonstrating the vulnerability of ideologies that are always subject to revision in the light of changes in Geo political structure of the world.
Reviewing a policy of the state, which would also participate in a minimum contribution, which can pre…

The strategies of War and those of Peace.

F Guzzardi

The Syrian government seems ready to accept the Russian proposal to deliver chemical weapons in the midst of a flurry of diplomatic maneuvers around the world .
Foreign Minister Walid al - Moualem said that Damascus is ready to work to ' Russian initiative and adapt to the Convention which prohibits the use of chemical weapons."I am authorized to confirm our support for the initiative with regard to the Russian chemical weapons in Syria, in accordance with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Weaponschemical , "said Moualem , referring to a written agreement in 1992 and ratified by 189 countries that bans the production , stockpiling and use of chemical weapons.
Despite the usual saviors of the world " anti-American in any case " whose maximum strategy is to insult all this is that it is American and organize a collective prayer to purify their souls , Obama's strategy proves to be very effective and worthy of a great strategist…