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Global Crisis

F Guzzardi

The best way to explain the global crisis that shakes the world? Just look at the toys stores where .. 80% of the products are of Asian origin. The labor cost significantly more lowest of any western country, pushes companies around the world, to transfer the business in these countries. The economic power shifts eastward and nothing may stop the process.

The paradox is that, a structure of type communist react better to this problem, if the companies were run by government (as in the communist regimes) the problem would be easily resolved.
So we're paradoxical Democrat, who abdicated in favor of former communist regimes, which apply the liberal commercial system?

The democracy that becomes a victim of herself, demonstrating the vulnerability of ideologies that are always subject to revision in the light of changes in Geo political structure of the world.

Reviewing a policy of the state, which would also participate in a minimum contribution, which can prevent the emigration of large companies to other countries, in order to rebalanced the international markets with economic exchanges and the labor force.
Reduce the profits of big companies, increasing jobs and leveling wage standards, an equilibrium would allow better management of international markets with fair profits among the countries most wealthy and those who not.

Best of communist ideology, associated with the foundations of liberal democracy ... is not this the key to a better future?


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