Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The strategies of War and those of Peace.

F Guzzardi

The Syrian government seems ready to accept the Russian proposal to deliver chemical weapons in the midst of a flurry of diplomatic maneuvers around the world .
Foreign Minister Walid al - Moualem said that Damascus is ready to work to ' Russian initiative and adapt to the Convention which prohibits the use of chemical weapons."I am authorized to confirm our support for the initiative with regard to the Russian chemical weapons in Syria, in accordance with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Weaponschemical , "said Moualem , referring to a written agreement in 1992 and ratified by 189 countries that bans the production , stockpiling and use of chemical weapons.
Despite the usual saviors of the world " anti-American in any case " whose maximum strategy is to insult all this is that it is American and organize a collective prayer to purify their souls , Obama's strategy proves to be very effective and worthy of a great strategist . Personally, I did not recognize Obama in the role of the warrior who launched his country into a senseless war and able to light a fuse dangerous for the whole world and as I had not recognized millions of Americans.
" We are ready to inform about the location of chemical weapons , stop the production of chemical weapons and also show these objects to the representatives of Russia, the other States and the United Nations, " Syrian Foreign Minister added .
These days, some videos circulating on the web leaving assume that the rebels had used chemical weapons to kill his own people?Are they the same people have circulated videos that the responsible for the attacks on the twin towers of New York (  today is the anniversary ) was the President George Bush? The idea of the plot in any case is much more interesting than a reality so obvious that I would not need to comment.That there are no just wars is true, but there is no right even suffering and death inflicted on civilians and children , there are no prisons right , there is no death sentences just and many fine words are appreciable .. but unfortunately not functional if applied to balance of this world, which is based
(Yes ) on the political, economic , diplomatic , strategic and military .
In his address to the nation Tuesday night , President Barack Obama said he would work with other countries to push for Syria ` put its chemical weapons under international control , and finally to destroy them.Obama also said that he would order the military to stay in place in the region, to keep the pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad. The United States, Obama said in his speech, are an " anchor of global security for nearly seven decades. "" The burdens of leadership are often heavy , but if the world is a better place today is because we have taken ," he added .
Meanwhile, in Syria , rebels and activists believe that the proposal to deliver chemical weapons is a ruse . Those who oppose the regime have told NBC News that Assad will get them getting away with it even after the use of chemical weapons that have killed hundreds of civilians." There is anger and disappointment on the streets now . We were faced with death and under fire for the last two and a half years , while the world was silent," an opposition activist in Damascus, said . "Even after the use of chemical weapons , no one has acted. We only have God to help us. "
The Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Geneva , Switzerland , Thursday, to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and further discuss Russia's proposal . NBC statement."I think that Bashar Assad has won this battle ," said a commander of the Free Syrian Army , adding that the United States does not seem to care about the loss of Syria. " There will be more casualties and more destruction. "The growing momentum for the plan of Russia, which had already been approved by China and Iran , came only 24 hours after Kerry raised a weapons handover at a press conference in London.Obama said Monday that the plan of Russia has offered a potential path that wards off attacks U.S. military , but Kerry warned that the only reason that Russia is credible solution is due to a threat of force .Kerry said he had been " the credible use of force " by the United States that " for the first time brought this regime to recognize that they have an arsenal of chemical weapons ," adding that the threat of military action "is more convincing if the Congress is with the commander in chief." elderly Senators - including John McCain , R - Ariz. , and Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. . - They have announced that they are working on a new plan that would authorize the president to use force only if Syria does not comply with a UN resolution to eliminate chemical weapons within a predetermined period .
In a further development , a spokesman for the Russian President Putin said he had discussed the weapons handover in a plane with Obama at the G - 20 summit last week, and a senior administration official told NBC News that the two had discussed the concept a year ago. The official said , however, that is not done nothing until there ` was the attack with chemical weapons on Aug. 21 that killed hundreds of people , only then the Russians have shown a willingness to put together a serious proposal .The solution to the crisis is not close, but I think we can finally talk about strategies of pace.  

The U.S. imperialists mentioned a certain press , does not exist except in the responsibility of a country that is based on democracy and has paid a heavy price to defend their freedom. A country that has made mistakes in the past but which proves to be the pivot indispensable for the global balance . The threat of Obama to Syria is proved to be a move on the world stage that may redefine the drawings , maybe less fragile than now but that makes it ever more indefinable the strategies of war and those of peace.

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