Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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F Guzzardi

I would like to reassure all fervent Catholics and Christians and all the current and species (especially in Europe), that the Halloween party has nothing of satanic but it is comparable to the Italian carnival or  in other places to the world, and among other things is a party inspired by the   Christians communities .I brighten well the anti-American at all costs, that are spreading false information about the import of this festival in Europe as a symbol of American domination: it is a celebration of Irish origins.

That said .. I would go back several years ago `, in my beloved Sicily celebrating the dead at this time (not sure if celebrating yet) and they used to give gifts to children just like to Halloween. Even that was a day of celebration inspired by the Christian communities .... amen.

Of course, like all traditional festivals, Halloween is also one day more commercial than anything else. You buy pumpkins,( that are reusable to prepare a great soup) gifts for children, chocolate, cakes, candy and bring the children's in costume around the neighborhoods where knocking at every door are offered sweets. While not quite Americanized, I have to say that the thing does not bother me, indeed it is also a time to get acquainted with neighbors that otherwise we see only in passing during the other days. So a day of celebration reminiscent of ancient traditions (European), which are, however, is totally stripped of their religious significance Catholic Celtic, to take a little bit is what happened to the Christmas (another Christian Pagan feast) where Santa has replaced Jesus Christ

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