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The Manual of Confessors

 By F Guzzardi

Today I want to recommend a book printed in 1837 and edited by  Mons. Bouvier bishop of Le Mans: Manual of the Confessors (for priests and deacons) in accordance with the laws of the Bible. I will limit `just a few steps for not to disturb the dreams of innocent souls. 

Sex in marriage: When the husband penetrates the vagina of his wife and you have left in the seed, the marriage is deemed consumed.
The sins of boyfriends: Mortal sin is sin deliberately dabbling in carnal emotions, even accidentally excited, because the will is the seat of sin. The bans sex between husband and wife is strictly to blame, especially the husband, if you feel more pleasure is introduced into the vagina of his wife making the turn from her backside as they use the animals, or putting under her, since these strange positions physical signs of passion are often morally evil in those who are not satisfied with the natural positions.
Prohibited the pre-marriage cohabitation and unmarried couples: The concubinage is the relationship between a free man and a free woman, whom they live as if they were married, or under the same roof, or in separate homes. It is certain that concubinage, so understood, is a much more serious sin of fornication simple, because there is the usual arrangement of the spirit to sin ...
The sins of kisses: It is certain that the kisses, even if honest, inducing in the next danger of premature or vehement emotions of lust, are regarded as firm deadly sins.
The sin of spontaneous ejaculation: If someone, for reasons of its particular weakness, it is usually ejaculation try looking erotically sensual woman somewhere in the body, or touching her hand, pressing his fingers, talking to her, hugging her honestly, but without a reason, attending dances, etc.. must refrain from all acts codest under pain of mortal sin.
The sins of touchings: They sin mortally women that excite the vagina itself or voluntarily if they pleased.
The sins of the look: Mortal sin is sin enjoy looking at the bare breasts of a woman attractive, because it is a danger inherent in these looks. 

The sins of women's clothes: A married woman can decently adorn themselves with the intention of pleasure [only] her husband, says S. Paul, the First Corinthians 7.34: "The married woman think about the things of this world and to please her husband."
The sins of the novels: Those who write books seriously obscene sin mortally, since damage to many occasion of spiritual ruin and can not invoke any reason those writers who excuse them.
The sins of the dance: It's a mortal sin to attend dances gravely immoral, both for the nudity that you appear, it is the way to dance, or the words to the songs, to the gestures that you do them: for this, the German dance called Waltz can never be allowed.
The sins of enjoyment: The conjugal act [penetration] made only for enjoyment is a sin, but only venial. What is sin proves the authority of Pope Innocent XI, the which he condemned the following assertion: "The conjugal act may it accomplished for the sole pleasure of attorney is at fault, or fault, even venial»
The sin of Onan [coitus interruptus]: This sin occurs when man, after being introduced into the woman's vagina, he retires to his semen does not pour in the genitals of the woman herself, and so does not happen generation. 1. It is certain that the man who thus work, whatever the cause, sins mortally, 2. It is certain that, for the same reason, the wife who causes her husband to do so, or consented to her detestable action, or - and this is even truer - it withdraws, despite the wishes of her husband before he has paid the semen into the vagina, sins mortally and is absolutely unworthy of absolution.
The rules in the confession: Many spouses err when they believe that everything is permissible to them in marriage: therefore, easily they commit innumerable mortal sins, which then do not reveal the confessor ...
Experience shows that many spouses do not confess the sins committed in the use of marriage, if they are not questioned. Now, the confessor can query them on those things that will allow between spouses: Have you any thing that bites you is consciousness? If they say they have nothing and they seem quite educated and God-fearing, it is not necessary to insist further. But if they are rough or their sincerity appears doubtful, the confessor must insist: ask them if they have ever denied the marital debt, and if this sentence was not understood by them, will say to them: Have you ever rejected when you do to have children? Confess your sins to the priest in the confessional sex: put the beak sexual intimacy, you have to inquire the reason, and after this information will judge if there be sin or not, and if you did sin, whether mortal or venial.
The attacks to confessors: We beseech the young confessors to be cautious, prudent and modest in asking married people, because they can easily offend easily and can expose themselves to serious dangers.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Do not disclose your text!
"In this book, intended to priests, deacons, we have tried to collect what would be dangerous to ignore the priests, playing the ministry of confession, and what can not be explained in public documents of the seminars, nor confided equally to young students without sin of indecency. "

MANUAL confessors
■ Imprimatur: Mechliniae August 16, 1837, J.B. Pauwels, Vicar General - CUM APPROBATIONE ■ Author: Bouvier, Jean Baptiste (1783-1854) Catholic bishop and theologian ■ In 1819 he was appointed vicar general of the diocese of Le Mans (France) and bishop in 1833 ■ In 1854 he was called to Rome by Pope Pius IX for the definition of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception
■ Before publication of the book: 1824 (source Treccani) ■ Title Latin Dissertatio in sextum decalogi Praeceptum Supplementum et de marriage to tractatum ■ In Italian: Dissertation on the sixth commandment of the Decalogue and the supplement to the Treaty on the marriage ■ Published in Italian with the title: Venus and Hymen in the Tribunal of Penance, Handbook of Confessors
                           P.S.    "Among the sins of sex is not mentioned pedophilia".


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