Thursday, October 17, 2013

Night Philosophical

 By F Guzzardi

Sometimes I would resign myself, but I always find an excuse to recount to me briefly
on the other hand I do not see who else could put up with me if I do not.Se only you could take for a certain period, the personality of another person,
right to relax.. an exchange of personality !

You are tired of being you? Well .. I replace it for a few days .. thanks ! how can I reciprocate ? So maybe you could be my sister for a few days .. because  begins to fatigue ..  but surely and you in return... you can be my father for a few days ? But of course! where do I start ? It starts with being there when I need you ! Sure ... here's how you solve the problem, someone who takes the place of the fathers , when they are not there or are absent .. because  fathers have always something to do right when we need them , of course I could be your father, but also one that I would take the place of my father and myself .. I could start to be a father ... or maybe working less ... but even though the children `! you might consider a bit of more time and be home in time for dinner , talk about your personal problems .. and especially not ashamed of me ! I know you have not graduated father of that your friend of   ... what's his name ? Alberto ? already own it! I'm divorced, remarried , a little bit inattentive , distracted, stoned and even an atheist ! Yeah ... because ` the misfortunes ...there is` no end .. but you think about how many doors I left open , I could be an actor , for example - but is anyone ever wonder why the actors are so idolized ? as if they were a semi-gods ? Yet they do a idiots job     .. I am sure that at least 98% of the world population is capable to be actor, do some women to deceive their husbands about their sexual ability .. do some politicians to ... what? all politicians? Well, then you could for one day only , get in the shoes (so to speak) of one of them and in return, the politician could spend a day .... I know `.. by unemployed for example , or from retiree or worse by illegal immigrant ! Then I as a politician , delete from paying taxes all small and medium-sized industries that take a minimum of two new employees for a period of three years! Huh .. but so ` fatten entrepreneurs and the working class ? Of course as a politician but I tell you that if the entrepreneur gonna get fat , the wife is more often the hair salon, and if it goes more often from the Hairdresser the Hairdresser is go more to dinner with friends and if it goes more   to dinner with friends the restaurant will need more workers and goes well .... ` you understand , that's why sometimes I want to ` get out of myself, to try to understand the meaning of things but under a ' another point of view , the part of others , to see if the colors are the same or if we have another kind of view , if we really have our own idea of the existence or if we are constantly victims affected by the mass and which we ourselves conditioned  as small  bacteria clinging in a wound , which lets you take or deny that ... but then I think it is getting late and I'm bitching alone - but you can you imagine if ideologies were applied by computers , yes... .. because basically they are all good , think of Marxism applied not by men with their envy, anger , weakness or roughness, but simply applied mathematician - or religions , Christianity computer ! " Do not do to others what you would not want done to you ! " Brilliant! Only with this statement we adjust all the finance companies , insurance companies, banks etc ... applied to the letter - " The last shall be first " ..... the slogan for a sport most healthy and without competition! Then maybe we would also objected to the lack of emotions, which are the things that we already help to live ........ I said help , as if it were a duty exempt , from the ranks of the pleasures , this insubstantial part of the thought that we call existence .


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