Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Ejaculation

FARE L'AMORE per il piacere è un peccato. Fare sesso per procreare è lecito.

"Brief excerpt from the Manual of the Confessors ( for priests and deacons ) In compliance with biblical.
 Bishop Bouvier  of Le Mans - Imprimatur 1837. The book is still used today as a reference for confessors."

On the enjoyment against nature : ejaculation
Lust consumed against nature is the emission of the seminal liquid , so notsuited to the generation , then it takes place outside of the coupling carnal . There are three species of lust MISUSE ,  ejaculation , sodomy and bestiality .
On ejaculation ( pollution )
The ejaculation which is called also paid incontinence or lewdness , is the issue of human semen outside of each pair carnal .The human semen is a viscous liquid , intended by the Creator to the generations and the conservation of the species : it differs essentially from the urine which is a secretion of the food , which emits, upon liberation of nature , such as excrement.
The ejaculation is divided into:
1 . Simple and qualified ;2 . Voluntary and involuntary ;3 . Voluntary in itself and in its voluntary origin .The simple ejaculation is not one to which is added a stranger malignancy : namely , isthat of those who , forced to no personal bond with others, gives herself to pleasuresexual solely with itself .

64The ejaculation is said compounded when , as well as for evil , there is added another , or part of an object that you think , or by those who are passive in pollution , or by whom is the agent .

1 . The emission of semen buy the sinfulness of adultery, incest , rape , sacrilege , bestiality or sodomy itself to fulfill it one thinks of a married woman , a relative etc. . So that those desiring the Blessed Virgin , were abandoned to the pollution in front of his statue or image , commit a horriblesacrilege.
2 . The same sinfulness buy if who is the passive object of pollution is a married person , or consecrated to God by a vote or Holy Orders .

3 . Also, if whoever does the pollution , it is for example, a religious or other priest .You must disclose all these circumstances in confession , because they change the species of sin.The voluntary ejaculation is one that is done in a direct way , or where you voluntarily seeking the cause. It is involuntary , if done without the cooperation of the will, is watching , and sleeping.Since the accidental pollution at all can not be a sin, we will not be discussed here except insofar as may have regarding a sin.

Therefore, we will discuss :1 . Ejaculation voluntary in itself ;2 . Ejaculation voluntary , in its origin ;3 . Ejaculation night ;4 . Disorderly movements ; .................  Disorderly?

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