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U.S.A.Government closed for business

By F Guzzardi

U.S. Congress does not approve of Obama's budget, planned cuts in governmental jobs. This means a shift in the Obama health plan, and the loss of jobs governmental.

The impasse That meant 800,000 federal workers were to be furloughed and more than a million others would be asked to work without pay. The Office of Management and Budget issued orders shortly before the midnight deadline that "Save agencies Should now execute two plans for an orderly shutdown to the absence of appropriations" Because Congress had failed to act to keep the federal government Financed.

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader, said, "We will not go to the conference with a gun to our heads," he said, demanding That the House accept the Senate's six-week stopgap spending bill, Which has no policy prescriptions, before Negotiations begin .

Rounding out the major national parks-Obama assures salaries for the military and says, "you and your family better served this country when do the congress"


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