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Paying Parents to Read to Their Children Boosts Literacy Skills

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Researchers have found a surprising way to help boost the skills of children with language impairment: Pay their parents to read to them.  A new study tested four techniques to get parents or other caregivers to complete a 15-week literacy intervention for their children with language impairment.  Only one of those techniques – paying parents 50 cents for each reading session – led to children showing significant gains in reading test scores, findings showed.  “We were somewhat stunned to find that paying parents had this strong effect. We didn’t anticipate this,” said Laura Justice, lead author of the study and professor of educational psychology at The Ohio State University.  The other three techniques tried in the study were offering positive feedback to the parents, offering encouragement, and modeling to parents how to read in a way that improved children’s literacy skills.  None of these three was helpful, and offering feedback actually had a slight…

Nuclear Industry Veterans: American Fuel at Soviet Nuclear Power Plants Could Cause Second Chernobyl

MOSCOW, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire

International Union of Veterans of Nuclear Energy and Industry (IUVNEI) issued the following statement on Friday:
"Nuclear fuel produced by the US firm Westinghouse does not meet the technical requirements of Soviet-era reactors, and using it could cause an accident on the scale of the Chernobyl disaster, which took place on the 26th April 1986.
A decision by the Ukrainian nuclear regulator and government to use Westinghouse fuel, or TVS-W, at Ukrainian nuclear power stations would be irresponsible in the extreme.
Two years ago, there was a near-miss in the Ukraine, when TVS-W with damaged distancing armatures risked substantial uncontrolled releases of dangerous radiation. Only by a miracle was there no disaster at the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant.
As we remember those who died in Chernobyl, we should not forget that that tragedy took place because of a similarly irresponsible experiment with a live operating reactor, pushed beyond its design limits. No one, whatever their political view of Ukraine, should risk letting that happen again."
Note for editors: 
International Union of Veterans of Nuclear Energy and Industry (IUVNEI) brings together more than 15,000 nuclear industry veterans from Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. It was founded in 2010 and headquartered  in Moscow.
SOURCE International Union of Veterans of Nuclear Energy and Industry (IUVNEI)

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