Monday, May 26, 2014

Muhammad Ali "SAVED BY THE BELL"

ASHEVILLE, N.C., May 23, 2014   -- Crest Mountain Press announces a new book about World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali is being released that will take "SAVED BY THE BELL" from the Top of the Mountains to the Ends of the Earth.
SAVED BY THE BELL by author Arnold L. Beizer, a lifelong fan and long-time associate of Muhammad Ali tells the story of Muhammad Ali Championing the Cause of Freedom on behalf of American POWs/MIAs from the Vietnam War. It provides an exclusive and unique inside look into the POW issue for the world to see with untold secrets revealed and new facts uncovered about the plight of over 2500 missing and unaccounted for American servicemen last known alive and left behind after the Vietnam War was declared over.
SAVED BY THE BELL reveals some amazing truths about the challenges faced by Muhammad Ali not only in the boxing ring but also in the larger arena of life and how the Champ may still win another great Victory that can set the captives free. See also in Saved By The Bell previously classified government documents, photographs and stories about American POWS proving beyond any doubt that Some Still Survive decades after the Vietnam War. Will there be another trip to S.E. Asia to help bring them home? Will the Champ overcome health issues and speak out once more like the "Louisville Lip" who was lightning fast with a poem and a quip? What does the Bible say about setting the prisoners free and final Victory?
SAVED BY THE BELL presents a new look into the Heart of a Champion. It includes many never-before-told stories as well about the Champ's fun filled interaction with his fans as well as physical battles and spiritual challenges. It's chock-full of Ali's light hearted humor along with some real stinging jabs told in 12 exciting Rounds (Chapters). Read all about Muhammad Ali in a series of entertaining stories told in words and terrific pictures heretofore unpublished. Read the prediction by the late Jeane Dixon, world renowned prophet about the Champ written back in 1979.  Mrs. Dixon forewarned and foretold the Champ's health issues.
The Collector's Edition of SAVED BY THE BELL includes a Bonus DVD with an Ali audio Soliloquy never before released. Hear the Champ speak! The DVD also incorporates the only recorded video documenting Ali's complete visit to Vietnam in 1994. Moreover, it contains music videos with Music from the Heart of America performed by Rita, Israel's Queen of Song… There is always a "Ray of Hope" that some American servicemen held captive for decades will return to freedom and be Saved By The Bell when the bell tolls "Let Freedom Ring!"
You can have your own Collector's Edition of SAVED BY THE BELL and help support Muhammad Ali and American POW/MIA families fighting for the cause of freedom. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Muhammad Ali Center and Let Freedom Ring, Inc.
SOURCE Crest Mountain Press

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