Monday, June 9, 2014

Seeking Love?

This inclusive catalog of dating portals includes:
  • Activity Orientated (Car, Motorcycle & Motor Related; Sports, Outdoors & Other Activity);
  • Age Orientated (Boomers & Seniors, Other – Young & Old);
  • Elite & Exclusive Oriented (International);
  • Ethnocentric Orientated (Asian, Black - African roots, Hispanic, Interracial & Inter-Cultural);
  • Event & Speed Dating (International);
  • Health & Medical Orientated (Autism & Deaf, Disability, Medical Condition);
  • Lifestyle Orientated (Activist, Environmental & Political, Celebrate and Platonic, Creative, Intelligence, & the Arts, Country & Rural, Food Related, Metaphysical and Spiritual; Single Parent & Divorcee's, Travel for Singles, Vegetarian & Vegans);
  • Mobile Dating Apps (International);
  • Physical Orientation (Big & Beautiful, Hair Related, Height Related - Short & Tall);
  • Religious Orientated (Adventist & LDS, Catholics, Christian, Muslim, Jewish);
  • Sexual Orientation (Gay – LGBT, Gay Mobile Apps, Guy's Only, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Trans-Dating);
  • Women Orientated (Cougar's, Women in Charge);
  • Adult Orientated (Adult Casual & Swinger, BDSM, Extramarital Affairs);
  • Appendix (Dating networks, Generalist sites - International & Regional)
At Pontiac Media Co., we are simply organizing information of the most relevant websites and information for certain topics of interest across different languages and regions. Thereby, creating individual centralized repositories or digital almanacs that will be displayed within an eBook format.       
So, over the last several years we have compiled a registry of 500,000+ various web  portals in different topics from Africa, Asia, Europe (East & West), Middle East, North & South America, and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Islands); from which, we will create a series of recurring ANNUAL GUIDES!
Additional Publications: Buy at Amazon.com1) The Freelancer's Guide 2014-2015 (700+ pages with more than 5,000 unique job sites)2) The International Employment Guide 2014-2015 (800+ pages with 6000+ unique job portals)
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