Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Most Downloaded Medical App in America

GREENVILLE, S.C.Dec. 14, 2014  -- ChartSpan, a consumer platform for patients managing healthcare records, has become the most downloaded iPhone and iPad medical app in the United States.
ChartSpan is an iPhone and iPad app empowering consumers with the ability to request, manage and send electronic healthcare records. The product was built by a group of innovative entrepreneurs who grew tired of waiting for the healthcare system to deliver on the promise of universal access to electronic patient healthcare records.
Less  than two months after it's initial product release ChartSpan has climbed to the number #1 ranking in the medical category on iTunes. ChartSpan is also beating industry conversion averages for downloads-to-active-users by nearly 500%.
ChartSpan is a FREE, encrypted and secure patient platform.  Patients user ChartSpan to organize their entire family's healthcare records from their smartphone or tablet. ChartSpan is the only consumer healthcare record technology built to capture all healthcare records and require no manual data entry.
"Our early success is validation of the two years we've spent developing this patient technology," said ChartSpan CEO and cofounder, Jon­Michial Carter. "We've taken a contrarian approach to interoperability in healthcare. We've waited for more than a decade for providers, the government and the healthcare industry to deliver ubiquitous access to our patient healthcare records, with little success. At ChartSpan, we decided to stop waiting on providers and build technology that would enable those with chronic illnesses and mothers, managing their family's healthcare needs, to use their smartphones, tablets or computers to manage their own workflow of healthcare records and information. Our technology includes much more than just medical records, it includes the ability to ingest dental, prescription, over ­the­ counter medications, genome information, vision, mental health records and much more."
Demand for ChartSpan's iPhone and iPad app is only the beginning for this healthcare start­up company from Greenville, South Carolina and an Iron Yard Digital Healthcare Accelerator graduate. "We are starting with healthcare encounter data, but much more is to come," said Carter. "We are working to combine patient encounter data with bio­medical  data from fitness bands, glucose readers and various other devices, as well as genome and proteomics data, to create preventive analytical dashboards for patients. We are building the most powerful data recommendation engine ever seen in consumer healthcare."
ChartSpan plans to add an Android app to its Patient Platform by February  and a web ­based version in Q1 of 2015.
About ChartSpan:
ChartSpan has invented mobile technology that collects and centralizes the management of electronic, patient healthcare data for patients. Through innovative data conversion technology, ChartSpan turns paper healthcare records into electronic records, generating structured data and eliminating the need for manual entry of personal healthcare records.
To learn more about ChartSpan, please visit To download the ChartSpan App, please visit the Apple App Store. For more information about ChartSpan, or to schedule an interview with ChartSpan CEO, Jon­Michial Carter, please contact Armen Allahverdian at 713.894.0325 or email him at
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