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Paying Parents to Read to Their Children Boosts Literacy Skills

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Researchers have found a surprising way to help boost the skills of children with language impairment: Pay their parents to read to them.  A new study tested four techniques to get parents or other caregivers to complete a 15-week literacy intervention for their children with language impairment.  Only one of those techniques – paying parents 50 cents for each reading session – led to children showing significant gains in reading test scores, findings showed.  “We were somewhat stunned to find that paying parents had this strong effect. We didn’t anticipate this,” said Laura Justice, lead author of the study and professor of educational psychology at The Ohio State University.  The other three techniques tried in the study were offering positive feedback to the parents, offering encouragement, and modeling to parents how to read in a way that improved children’s literacy skills.  None of these three was helpful, and offering feedback actually had a slight…

"Breaking the Cycle of Suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder"

HOUSTON On October 23/2104, Doctor of Divinity and MSW Pastoral Counselor Debra Meehl, co-founder of the Meehl Foundation, will present "Breaking the Cycle of Suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder" at Atlanta's Amen Clinic. The workshop will feature an interactive presentation on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), along with the latest insights on the treatment of bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and substance abuse.
"Case examples and interactive demonstrations will be used to show the value of DBT in treating mood and personality disorders with co-occurring substance abuse," explained Meehl. "We'll also be looking at some of the latest research on SPECT imaging, a unique tool that has revealed important details regarding how the brain functions in individuals with mood disorders."
Among the more innovative diagnostic tools available today for understanding mood disorders at the biological level, SPECT imaging is an active scanning method that reveals blood flow volume and patterns. As opposed to CT scans and MRIs, SPECT imaging offers dynamic feedback on brain activity rather than static images.
The Meehl Foundation promotes an approach to treatment that encompasses biochemistry, psychotherapy and social skills development; healing the mind, body and spirit is the treatment objective. Nearly half of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder also have BPD, and most have at least some of symptoms. This has led researchers to consider that the disorders could be closely linked. People with BPD or bipolar are significantly more likely to abuse substances, a factor that worsens the underlying mood disorder and makes treatment more complex. The Meehl Foundation and the Amen Clinic have both developed programs and techniques for addressing mood disorders with co-occurring substance abuse.
DBT is a fully developed psychotherapy approach that gives individuals the tools and knowledge to better manage their own responses and emotional states. The therapy addresses four key components – mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance and emotional regulation. The Meehl Foundation is a recognized leader in the application of this therapy.
The Amen Clinic in Atlanta is home to some of the foremost authorities on brain health and brain SPECT imaging. The clinical team has experience with the full range of cognitive and personality disorders, from substance abuse and addiction to anxiety and depression. Clients of the Amen Clinic receive personalized guidance in developing "brain-healthy" habits to measurably improve their quality of life.
Meehl added: "I'm thrilled to be partnering with an organization as respected as the Amen Clinic and look forward to interacting with workshop attendees."
About The Meehl Foundation
Mark and Debra Meehl created the Meehl Foundation and the Meehl House to give those struggling with mood disorders a holistic plan to achieve balance in their lives. A residential treatment facility located on the Gulf Coast in Brazoria, the Meehl House serves clients all over the U.S and across the world.
Debra Meehl, DD, MSW
SOURCE Meehl Foundation


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