Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Science of Happiness

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If it were possible to live without dreams we would have avoided many problems.

But life is a dream, it is not possible to live without dreams and I not talk about the night dream, but what we live every day.
Imagine for a moment, a television advertising , a deodorant, a simple chemical deodorant, anything special as all deodorants, a normal price like all the air fresheners - why should we choose to buy that deodorant? If the television inform me about there deodorant that is composed of chemical elements like any other air fresheners, is not interesting for me, I do not want this information, because this does not help me to live, I want's dreams, because  the reality is sad, the reality is harsh and sometimes frightening.
I mean, the reality is different for each of us but at the same time it homogenized by the stereotypes imposed from the society. The society, which becomes a subject detached from us, despite being borne by us. So, what corresponds to the happiness? What are the real parameter able to establish their value?  

Consider the example of someone who is with no money for a period longer or shorter, or those who are hungry or thirsty. In each of these cases, the level of happiness decreases inexorably. Conversely, for a person living in the material or spiritual well-being, the level of happiness rises. As if the bar would shift increasingly to make impregnable a state of consciousness that must remain limited in time, in the moments and absolutely can not be a permanent condition.
Then occurs that the concept of happiness is changed permanently, so as to make it impossible to achieve the goal if not for a few moments in which the rich man enjoys a new game, it quenches thirsty and hungry feeds. Here is that our mind invents the dream, a life unreal. We go to the cinema to live a life that does not exist, unreal characters, music stimulates our emotional, and tell us about the false advertising. Take the procreative act in a fictional context, away from the primordial instinct. We make war, we object to the war. We would like to live in a tropical island while their population make improbable trips for to live in our crowded and chaotic city.

The happiness is a chemical formulaMaybe!  
Women in the Andes chewed coca leaves to endure the hardships of the day while in Paris Marie Antoinette introduced his underwear. Everything is relative and everything expands before being allowed another dream, behind the real, as difficult to find, concealed from the dreams that  inexorable  we hasten to build, as mantles of sand to hide the night.

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