Monday, June 8, 2015

Danny and the dream machine


It was a night like any other, except that the moon was a bit more on and my hands were moving on the keyboard with rare speeds. I never answer the phone at night, unless I recognize the number. But that night I did. He was a person sent by a mutual friend who asked me to translate some documents in Italian. We agreed to meet the next day in one of Starbucks in Daytona Beach,Florida. At first, the documents that showed me seemed routine, it was the announcement of a photo competition and the only strange thing that I found was the theme of the photo contest. It was to immortalized in a photo, the concept of a road trip , without using any fuel or electricity.
I accepted the assignment. In the end , it was to translate only 8 pages and it would not take me more than a few days. We met a week later and Danny, (fictional name) came with a briefcase full of documents. He asked me to help him to disclose and make known a project he had been working for more than thirty years. A project ignored by the governments of the US and France. A project hampered by physical and legal threats from the oil lobby. Danny told me about a car that worked without the use of fuel or electricity. I tried to figure out if this man was crazy or genius. I trusted the instincts and decided to help him. This following is the true story of my meetings with Danny

Danny would not give me any details of his car, he did not trust, he explains how any government in the world could have created millions of new jobs by funding the production of his car.
That the only thing he asked in return was an income proportionate to his work and that his employees would hold a share of the company. He also said he had received threats from the part of some multinational oil companies and would show me the documents that proved the requests for help sent to at least 7 countries, all with answers negative.Ma the thing that most impressed me is that virtually none of the governments has taken care to see if this man say what is true or not.
if it was a megalomaniac ? Maybe! But why not check? At the second meeting I handed him my translation in French of the photo contest, and he would pay cash as ever Why does he said he did not want to leave traces and that she felt spied upon. Delivery also 1 cd room, telling me that I would find the answer to my questions.
Back home I took the time to reflect on the whole story, and I wondered if it was a dream or it was the result of my imagination, the story of a common megalomaniac. And then what does it matter, who may judge me? And I do not do anything wrong, I'll have lost the most of my time behind a dream.
I have not yet inserted the CD into the computer, I want to wait to pass the night, that the romance with real stampedes toward the dream and I keep, between the unknown and the real, between dream and reality.

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