Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The 18 things lost forever (which is 19)

by F.Guzzardi
  • The line of the horizon in New Delhi the afternoon, when the sun seems to want to ride the earth before shut down in the silence of a prayer
  • The hands on your braided hair between my fingers and the consequences of all loves
  • The desire to surprising, even with a smile or no talk about anything
  • The words of the most dear friends that we have not been able to remember
  • The ideals of any color
  • Someone who is left without asking permission
  • The wonderful licentiousness of Parisian women
  • The World cup 94
  • The ricotta cheese  ice cream from "Giacco"at  Syracuse
  • The politicians boring and the funny comedians
  • Outraged by a war 
  • The desire to watch TV
  • The last film of Swarzeneger (such you write?)
  • The ass and tits of women in Italian television
  • Berlusconi
  • The car in a parking lot of Walmart
  • Faith
  • The line for to see the Sacra Sindone
  • Hope (always the last to die)

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