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Paying Parents to Read to Their Children Boosts Literacy Skills

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Researchers have found a surprising way to help boost the skills of children with language impairment: Pay their parents to read to them.  A new study tested four techniques to get parents or other caregivers to complete a 15-week literacy intervention for their children with language impairment.  Only one of those techniques – paying parents 50 cents for each reading session – led to children showing significant gains in reading test scores, findings showed.  “We were somewhat stunned to find that paying parents had this strong effect. We didn’t anticipate this,” said Laura Justice, lead author of the study and professor of educational psychology at The Ohio State University.  The other three techniques tried in the study were offering positive feedback to the parents, offering encouragement, and modeling to parents how to read in a way that improved children’s literacy skills.  None of these three was helpful, and offering feedback actually had a slight…

The 18 things lost forever (which is 19)

by F.Guzzardi
  • The line of the horizon in New Delhi the afternoon, when the sun seems to want to ride the earth before shut down in the silence of a prayer
  • The hands on your braided hair between my fingers and the consequences of all loves
  • The desire to surprising, even with a smile or no talk about anything
  • The words of the most dear friends that we have not been able to remember
  • The ideals of any color
  • Someone who is left without asking permission
  • The wonderful licentiousness of Parisian women
  • The World cup 94
  • The ricotta cheese  ice cream from "Giacco"at  Syracuse
  • The politicians boring and the funny comedians
  • Outraged by a war 
  • The desire to watch TV
  • The last film of Swarzeneger (such you write?)
  • The ass and tits of women in Italian television
  • Berlusconi
  • The car in a parking lot of Walmart
  • Faith
  • The line for to see the Sacra Sindone
  • Hope (always the last to die)

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