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A Trump Presidency Can Happen, and Here’s Why

A groundswell of authoritarianism could make President Trump a reality Pundits have been discussing  "typical profiles" of Trump supporters. Terms like blue collar, male, lower income, lower educated, and older have been offered up for our consideration.  But statistical results tell a different story.
A recent article in Politico points to two traits that best predict whether you are a Trump supporter: Authoritarianism, and fear of terrorism. Matthew MacWilliams found that Trump’s bump in the polls is connected to support from “Americans with authoritarian inclinations.”   But what is authoritarianism? Adorno et al. (1950) offered an explanation for how the masses of Germany blindly submitted themselves to the Nazi authoritarian regime. Adorno posited that authoritarianism manifests in a willingness to submit to social authority, as well as the need to subject “weaker” others to one’s own authority. Correlates of authoritarianism include attributions of favorabl…

The Magical Fantasies of Borderlines and Narcissists

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Imaginings of success, ideal love, and abandonment Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, and brilliance (NPD) For the narcissist, it's hard to distinguish between fantasies, unconscious lies, and the False Self. As a DSM-IV trait, it refers to the narcissist's need to fend off inner emptiness, feel special and in control, and avoid feelings of defectiveness insignificance (Hotchkiss, Why is it Always About You, 2003, p. 8-9). While we all fantasize, the trouble with narcissist fantasy is that the narcissist treads a fine line between what is magical thinking and what is real. As unhealthy as it is for the narcissist, it becomes gaslighting for his family members and contributes to their own confusion, frustration, and magical thinking.
Sam Vakin, a narcissist and author of Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited, acknowledges this when he writes;
Everything I do is imbued with these grandiose fantasies. I fully expect m…

Italy unearths huge Roman barracks during Rome metro dig

Excavation work for a new metro line in Rome has unearthed a huge Roman barracks from the 2nd Century AD when Emperor Hadrian was in power. The find is so impressive that Italy plans to create Rome's first "archaeological station" at Amba Aradam, on the city's third metro line.
The new station is being built while archaeologists brush dirt away from artefacts and mosaics 9m (30ft) below street level.
The ruins cover 900sq m (9,700sq ft).

The site, thought to have housed Hadrian's Praetorian Guard, includes a 100m hallway with 39 rooms.
Amba Aradam lies near an important metro interchange at the Colosseum, called Fori Imperiali/Colosseo. The new station, on Metro Line C, is scheduled to open in 2020.
The head of archaeology in the Colosseum area, Francesco Prosperetti, said work on the metro would not be delayed although there would have to be changes to the station's design.
Amba Aradam is named after an Italian Fascist victory against Emperor Hail…

Six Clues to Character

The traits that shape us remain fairly stable over time, making them the closest thing we have to a crystal ball. Whether you wish to take an inventory of yourself, gauge the suitability of a partner, glimpse what a friendship might hold, or preview a child's trajectory, here are six key candidates for your attention. By Hara Estroff Marano Seconds after Tamara was ushered into his office, Michael knew she was right for the creative staff of the advertisingteam he ran. Within a year, they were not only a productive duo professionally, they were dating. She soon jumped to another agency largely so they could live together openly. A year later, they were married and enacting their plan to start a boutique agency together. Business grew comfortably although not spectacularly—until the recession hit. Having observed from a master how to initiate client contact, Tamara went into overdrive. Michael, unflappable as ever, admired her indefatigability.
The harder …