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Don’t Take Gifts from Narcissists

Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.Lifetime Connections It’s not because they care for you, it’s because they want control.
Narcissists can be intriguing acquaintances. They are able to draw attention to themselves while trying to convince everyone in their orbit that their brilliance is as blinding as they themselves believe it to be. They turn on the charisma and charm and do all that they can to keep people focused on their façade of perfection.
However, the true narcissist is much different than an individual who has high self-esteem. Narcissists are motivated by the desire to use a heavy hand to control a person’s response to them. Having a high sense of self-esteem doesn’t typically reflect a need to control others, but rather the self-satisfaction with one’s self. And a recent study has exposes another striking difference between narcissism and healthy self-esteem.
What Narcissists Give vs. What They Take When people spend time with a narcissist, they often leave it feeli…


Narcissists are charming, exasperating, captivating—and sometimes downright ludicrous. The weird world of the megalomaniac, explained. 

By Carl Vogel, <;There's the groom who wouldn't let his fiancée's overweight friend be a bridesmaid because he didn't want her near him in the wedding pictures. The entrepreneur who launched a meeting for new employees by explaining that nobody ever gets anywhere working for someone else. The woman who had such confidence in her great taste, she routinely redecorated her daughter's home without asking. The guy who found himself so handsome, he took a self-portrait with a Polaroid every night before bed to preserve the moment. As Ted Turner put it: "If I only had a little humility, I'd be perfect."
But narcissism isn't just a combination of monumental self-esteem and rudeness. As a personality type, it ranges from a tendency to a serious clinical disorder, encompassing unexpected, even counterintuiti…